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Virginia Eagle to distribute Roanoke Railhouse Brews

Virginia Eagle Distributing adds to their already extensive portfolio of great Virginia brewers, as they begin full distribution of the  Roanoke Railhouse brand in January.  Joining Virginia staples Starr Hill, Legend and Devils Backbone (January 2012), this new addition to a growing portfolio helps solidify Virginia Eagle’s claim as the top distributor in the state for both local and craft brews.

Look for Roanoke Railhouse at your favorite craft beer retailer after the new year.

European integrity, American ingenuity, Star City inspiration

Since July 2008, Roanoke Railhouse Brewery is a Lager and Ale Microbrewery. Our on-site, spring-fed well water differentiates us from other craft-brewers.

We brew our beer with barley malt, and never use the cheap rice or corn found in many mainstream American beers. Pure water, fresh yeast, and hops imported from Germany keep our beer honest and pure.

Track 1

Our signature lager is a true session beer that is very drinkable, yet robust in flavor.

Track 1 has a ruby hazelnut color, medium light body, with moderate carbonation, and a roasty, nutty malt character balanced with the appropriate amount of bittering hops.

A clean balanced tasting lager with chocolate bitter notes along with a lightly sweet and bready malt character.

All of which is balanced out by a low bittering hop character. Its aroma is reminiscent of chocolate and toasted malts and bread.

This beer has 4.8% ABV and 18 IBU’s.


Caboose Imperial Lager

A big beer with big flavor!
We have made several enhancements to our Imperial Lager. The bittering hops we now use are an American varietal millennium hops. We also added another American hop, Willamette, to add depth and complexity to the hop profile.

The German hop Perle remains the primary aroma hop. This beer still exemplifies a traditional German helles-bock, just with a slight American refinement. I.e. More alcohol (hence the imperial) and more hops with some American aroma hops thrown in.

The taste is bread and malty but balanced. Medium intense bitterness and balanced hop flavor and aroma with slight earthy, floral, and grassy notes. Our Imperial Lager has a clean and crisp finish with a pleasing golden-copper color.

This Imperial Lager has 7.80% ABV and 42 IBU’s.


Railhouse IPA

Railhouse IPA has lots of wonderful hop aroma and flavor, subdued malt with balanced bitterness, with a stunning copper color.

We use six different types of hops and our unique ‘HOPBURST’ process to make this tasty IPA:







This brand new beer from Roanoke Railhouse brewery has 7.00% ABV and 82 IBU’s.


Bud Light – Make It Platinum This Spring

Anheuser-Busch InBev said that it plans to add another brand to its light beer stable: Bud Light Platinum.

While few details were available, it appears to be a higher-alcohol version of A-B InBev’s best-selling product, with a blue and white label that echoes the original. Paperwork filed last month with federal alcohol regulators said Platinum will contain 6 percent alcohol by volume, compared with 4.2 percent in standard Bud Light. It’ll start hitting shelves in January.

The beer is the latest in a line of “innovations,” for Bud Light, chief executive Carlos Brito told analysts Wednesday. It comes on the heels of Bud Light Lime, in 2008, and Bud Light Golden Wheat, in 2009. The wheat beer, in particular, was a bid by the company to establish a toehold in the growing craft beer segment of the market, and some industry-watchers think Platinum may wind up filling a similar role.

Company spokespeople declined requests to discuss their expectations for the beer, but in a statement said Platinum “appeals to a key group of beer drinkers and expands consumer occasions.”

(courtesy of stltoday.com)

December Monthly Newsletter

Devils Backbone – The Adventure Begins……….

Devils Backbone is ready to produce a Happy New Year for Virginians!

Increased production to allow for statewide distribution


Virginia Eagle Distributing Company (VED) The local beverage wholesaler, with locations in Verona, Winchester, and Charlottesville, is proud to announce that Virginia’s very own microbrewery, Devils Backbone, has begun production at their brand new brewery in Lexington, VA.

Since Devils Backbone opened their Base Camp Brewpub in Nelson County, thousands of locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the award-winning beers produced at the small facility nestled deep within the Virginia Heartland.  After winning the World Beer Cup championship in 2010 the popularity of the brand increased exponentially and it was evident to Founder Steve Crandall that he needed to make more beer.

“Our craft beers have become internationally acclaimed and I am excited to now be able to provide these unique brews to all of the folks in Central Virginia,” said founder Steve Crandall.  “I am proud of my brewers’ adherence to producing traditional and uniquely styled beers.”

To slake Virginia’s thirst for better beer Devils Backbone built an additional brewery from the ground up in Lexington, VA.  Dubbed ‘The Outpost’, the new facility is chock full of some of the most advanced brewing equipment available today. “A lot of the big breweries like Lagunitas, Brooklyn and Firestone-Walker use this equipment, but we’re one of an exclusive group of smaller breweries who have it,” said Nate Olewine, who will run the day to day brewing operations at the new brewery. He added that the better equipment will allow Devils Backbone to make consistently great tasting beer.

Initially, the Company will roll out their Vienna Lager and 8-Point IPA. “One of my brewing philosophies has always been that ‘quality of flavor is not equal to intensity of flavor’,” said Brewmaster Jason Oliver. “The Vienna and the 8-Point are two great examples of this: simple flavors that are approachable for any drinker, with subtle complexities that beer connoisseurs rarely find in a pint.” The company will also release a multitude of small batch offerings, starting in April.

Four Virginia-based companies have been tasked to distribute the local brew beginning in mid-January.  Virginia Eagle will begin the initial rollout, followed closely by Brown Distributing (Richmond, VA), Century Beverage (Lynchburg, VA) and PA Short Distributing (Roanoke, VA).

“I am very excited about the addition of Devils Backbone to our portfolio of local craft beers,” said Scott Heinz, Chief Operating Officer Virginia Eagle Distributing.  “This brewery is known for award-winning brews and we are pleased to be selected as a distribution partner for the brand.”

About the Brews:

Vienna Lager:

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager, a Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner, is a chestnut colored lager with a malty aroma and subtle toasty sweetness derived from a multi-stage mash. A pinch of noble hops gives this refreshing beer a clean finish.

IBUs – 18, ABV – 4.9%

Eight Point IPA:

A cornucopia of hop varieties imparts a floral-citrus aroma and a crisp bitterness to this medium-bodied ale.  Concocted from Pilsen and a dash of Caramel malts, this burnished-golden brew has a sweet malt backbone for balance.

IBUs – 60, ABV – 5.9%




Stella Artois – The perfect package for this holiday season. Free holiday jazz album download!


To celebrate that Stella Artois was originally
crafted for the Holidays, we present our
gift to you – a specially crafted holiday jazz
album free for download.

In the commercial, a 1960s continental European setting is the backdrop for an elaborate ice sculpture competition, with competitors vying to impress the panel of discerning judges. It is a playful take on the care and dedication that go into ‘crafting’ the winning ice sculpture, and relates back to the care and dedication that go into crafting Stella Artois – the beer originally crafted for Christmas.

Neuro – The Operating System for Life

NeuroGasm® is a delicious, lightly carbonated drink formulated with ingredients to promote “playful” energy. So often our hectic lifestyles deprive us of the energy needed to engage in various activities. NeuroGasm provides ingredients at effective dosage levels supplying energy for all the playful activities you choose.  Included in NeuroGasm is the synergistic combination of caffeine and L-theanine. Caffeine and L-theanine are ingredients found in green tea; in conjunction they provide energy without the edginess commonly associated with caffeine alone. Other NeuroGasm nutrients include Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylserine and a full range of B-vitamins. NeuroGasm provides energy for whatever activity you have in mind.

Newcastle Winter IPA – Try One Today

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.– Newcastle Brown Ale, brewer of the legendary “One & Only,” today announced the launch of Winter IPA, the newest offering in its Limited Edition series. Following the successful Newcastle Werewolf, Newcastle Winter IPA is now available to adults at select retailers and pubs.

Newcastle Winter IPA stays true to the original, subtly hopped recipes of traditional 18th century India Pale Ales, maintaining the drinkability that Newcastle enthusiasts 21 and over have come to expect.

Marked by a strong hop aroma and a zesty character with hints of malt, Winter IPA features just a touch of sweetness to offer a delicate and creamy mouthfeel. Pouring a seductive copper color, the brew offers subtle caramel notes, a full body and a balanced finish.

Newcastle Limited Release Bottles

“Newcastle Brown Ale has a rich history of carefully crafted and highly drinkable beers, and our partnership with the Caledonian Brewery for the Limited Edition series continues this tradition,” said Charles van Es, brand director Newcastle Brown Ale. “From the authentic recipe to the small batch brewing in open copper kettles, everything about our Winter IPA is a salute to original British IPAs. It’s our way of helping make the long winter months a little more palatable.”

Made with Super Styrian and Styrian Goldings hops, Newcastle’s Limited Edition Winter IPA has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.2 percent with 28 International Bittering Units (IBUs).

Newcastle Winter IPA will be available at select markets across the country in 6-pack and 12-pack bottles priced comparably to Newcastle Brown Ale, as well as on draught at fine pubs from Nov. 2011 through Jan. 2012.

We aim to pleasantly surprise with our take on a Winter Ale. This is not the usually expected dark and overly rich flavored brew. Burnished copper in appearance, full-bodied and heavily hopped to give a zesty character with a long delicious aftertaste. Subtle seductive malt flavour, with hints of caramel and roast. Our inspiration for this deviation from the norm? Well we simply long for the return of lighter days during our long and dark British winters.

About Newcastle Brown Ale
In 1927, in the Northeast of England, Colonel Jim Porter created uniquely crafted ale with its own distinct golden brown color, lightly hopped taste and character that quickly became a local favorite. Best served cool, Newcastle Brown Ale has since become a world favorite as a dark beer that’s easy to drink. Newcastle Brown Ale is imported by the nation’s premier beer importer, Heineken USA, headquartered in White Plains, New York.

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