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Grow One.

Virginia Eagle Distributing is more than happy to participate in Anheuser-Busch’s “Grow One” initiative for World Environment Day. Guys, pledge to not shave for as long as you can and help save 1 million gallons of water…girls, get your guys to pledge as well. Visit www.facebook.com/budweiser to make your pledge and throw that razor away!

Budweiser is excited to announce our involvement with the 2011 World Environment Day. Did you know that in one week a man can use up to 35 gallons of water shaving? Join Budweiser and Chad Pregracke for “No Shave to Save” and pledge to help conserve 50 million gallons of water for World Environment Day by not shaving for two weeks prior to World Environment Day from May 22nd thru June 5th. This new initiative brings Budweiser together with Chad Pregracke of Living Lands & Waters and the River Network to promote water conservation initiatives across the country. Chad is living proof that one person really can make a difference. He grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River and worked on the river as a commercial fisherman and shell diver. It was during this time that he noticed the ever-growing accumulation of unsightly and toxic garbage on the shoreline. Finding no one to clean up the problem, he decided to take it on, one piece of trash at a time. In 1998 at the age of 23, Chad founded Living Lands & Waters. Anheuser-Busch has been a proud sponsor of Chad and Living Lands and Waters for 10 years. The program will include contemporary designs that feature Chad with environmentally themed Budweiser bottle imagery. Be sure to visit www.budweiser.com to show your support with “Beerstache” and “No Shave to Shave” t-shirts and other promotional items.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks, you have my support. no Shaving for me!!

  2. Here’s a better idea: don’t drink a beer for two weeks – you’ll “save” even more water !

  3. Dude. I use an electric razor. How’s that going to help?

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