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Guinness Black Lager…Try it today.

Product Description

Guinness & Co. announced the launch of its new Black Lager, rolling out across the U.S. in September. Made with the finest lager hops, yeast and traditional cold brewing methods plus Guinness’ signature roasted barley, the lager comes in 11.2-ounce bottles (4.5 ABV) packaged in premium, detailed silver and blue color. The company stated it believes the beer market is evolving and the new lager will appeal to a range of drinkers. Guinness Black Lager will also be supported by sampling and point of sale materials in addition to advertising, the company said.

Guinness & Co.
Norwalk, Conn.

(courtesy of csnews.com)

 Click on the image to find out how Black Lager did in a blind taste test against the leading competitor.


2 Responses

  1. Where can you buy Guinness Black Lager? I cannot not find it in DC or any stores in Northern Virginia.

    • We actually do not carry Guinness out of our Winchester warehouse. We only supply it through our southern warehouses. However, I do think that Total Beverage in Sterling or Wegmans in Leesburg would be a great place to find it. They always seem to have a great selection. Ask a manager, if you don’t see it on the shelves.


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