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Shock Top is HOT!!!!!!

Many craft brewers reflexively refuse to recognize the full importance of Blue Moon and Shock Top, both as competitive threats and as gateway brands. In doing so, they may also be missing an opportunity to participate more in the biggest, fastest growing craft-style of all. Yup, wheat beer. How so? Check out some stats. Total craft beers sold 24.8 mil cases year-to-date through September 4 in Symphony IRI Group food/drug/convenience data, up 15%. But Blue Moon, Shock Top and Blue Moon Seasonals have sold 5.3 mil cases, up collectively more than 35%, compared to 4 mil cases of “seasonals,” biggest craft style in SIG. So Blue Moon/Shock Top growth rate about 2x as fast as craft and their volume would add about 20% to craft total. Blue Moon at 3.2 mil cases in SIG, up 22%, Shock Top 1.2 mil cases, up 94% (132% last 4 weeks) and Blue Moon Seasonals up 42% YTD. If you add in what SIG defines as craft wheat beers to big brewers wheat brands, the style would be 6.9 mil cases, or more than 2x as big as red-hot IPAs. Yet most craft brewers are barely playing in this arena, effectively ceding it to big 2 for most part.

(courtesy of BeerNews.org)


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