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Cain’s – The pride of Liverpool since 1850

At the age of 24, Robert entered Liverpool’s brewing industry, buying a small pub in Limekiln Lane, and brewing his own ales: down in London, work was underway on an enormous crystal palace to house Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition of the following year, 1851. Brewing turned out to be the perfect trade for the affluent, vibrant city of Liverpool, and soon Robert Cain’s fortunes were rising with those of his adopted city, and those of Britain itself, which was thriving in the great Victorian era of industrial expansion, economic progress and empire.

By 1858 Robert Cain was able to buy an old established brewery site on Stanhope Street – the site where Robert Cains Beers are still brewed today – and his name rapidly became famous throughout the city for the exceptional quality of his beers.

Two of their best……….

A regular winner of awards for quality and flavour, and winner of the silver medal at the International Brewing Industry Awards 2002, this refreshing yet full-bodied bitter is a favourite with beer drinkers everywhere. The rich flavours of premium malt and goldings hops are unmistakable in this well balanced, traditionally brewed bitter.

A Gold medal winner in the international brewing industry awards 2000, and a three times bronze medal winner at the Great British Beer Festival in the Best Mild category, this is a smooth, full flavoured, truly dark mild with a rich creamy head. It has a full body and distinctive roasted malt taste, balanced by its fresh hop character. Complex flavours and aromas are achieved by blending deeply roasted malt and adding a selected blend of English hops, including dry hops, to the cask conditioned beer.


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