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Virginia Eagle to distribute Roanoke Railhouse Brews

Virginia Eagle Distributing adds to their already extensive portfolio of great Virginia brewers, as they begin full distribution of the  Roanoke Railhouse brand in January.  Joining Virginia staples Starr Hill, Legend and Devils Backbone (January 2012), this new addition to a growing portfolio helps solidify Virginia Eagle’s claim as the top distributor in the state for both local and craft brews.

Look for Roanoke Railhouse at your favorite craft beer retailer after the new year.

European integrity, American ingenuity, Star City inspiration

Since July 2008, Roanoke Railhouse Brewery is a Lager and Ale Microbrewery. Our on-site, spring-fed well water differentiates us from other craft-brewers.

We brew our beer with barley malt, and never use the cheap rice or corn found in many mainstream American beers. Pure water, fresh yeast, and hops imported from Germany keep our beer honest and pure.

Track 1

Our signature lager is a true session beer that is very drinkable, yet robust in flavor.

Track 1 has a ruby hazelnut color, medium light body, with moderate carbonation, and a roasty, nutty malt character balanced with the appropriate amount of bittering hops.

A clean balanced tasting lager with chocolate bitter notes along with a lightly sweet and bready malt character.

All of which is balanced out by a low bittering hop character. Its aroma is reminiscent of chocolate and toasted malts and bread.

This beer has 4.8% ABV and 18 IBU’s.


Caboose Imperial Lager

A big beer with big flavor!
We have made several enhancements to our Imperial Lager. The bittering hops we now use are an American varietal millennium hops. We also added another American hop, Willamette, to add depth and complexity to the hop profile.

The German hop Perle remains the primary aroma hop. This beer still exemplifies a traditional German helles-bock, just with a slight American refinement. I.e. More alcohol (hence the imperial) and more hops with some American aroma hops thrown in.

The taste is bread and malty but balanced. Medium intense bitterness and balanced hop flavor and aroma with slight earthy, floral, and grassy notes. Our Imperial Lager has a clean and crisp finish with a pleasing golden-copper color.

This Imperial Lager has 7.80% ABV and 42 IBU’s.


Railhouse IPA

Railhouse IPA has lots of wonderful hop aroma and flavor, subdued malt with balanced bitterness, with a stunning copper color.

We use six different types of hops and our unique ‘HOPBURST’ process to make this tasty IPA:







This brand new beer from Roanoke Railhouse brewery has 7.00% ABV and 82 IBU’s.


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