• Virginia Eagle Brew Review

  • Available throughout VA January 2012

  • Pyrate Style Begian Tripel Ale

  • Shocking NEW IPA

  • Kona Brewing - Koko Brown Ale

  • Advertisements


Based out of Verona, Charlottesville and Winchester, Virginia Eagle Distributing is a beverage distributor providing the entire Anheuser-Busch family of beers & imports, as well as local craft beers and non-alcoholic selections.

We service off-premise accounts including our local grocery and convenience stores, as well as hundreds of on-premise accounts including many of our local favorite restaurants, clubs and bars.

Virginia Eagle brings together an expert team of sales, marketing, warehouse staff and drivers. Each of these invaluable employees is asked to uphold our companies mission to be the most professional and customer focused company within our industry.

Thanks for visiting our website, Facebook and Twitter sites and please let us know if there is anything that we could do to serve you better.



8 Responses

  1. I’m very interested in going on the budlight cruise. is there a way to just buy tickets on the cruise or do you have to win the chance to buy tickets. also cant seem to see when the cruise is.

    Please let me know asap

    thanks christi greenside

  2. Hi, do you all carry Parrot Bay drinks like Wave Runner? It used to be that these could be found in Krogers and Food Lion and such. Now I can’t find them anywhere. Got any hints as to where to find them in Charlottesville VA?

  3. Hello VED!

    I was at Starr Hill yesterday and talked to one of the managers there about getting growlers filled locally for Starr Hill products (I am interested in other local brewery products as well) and he thought your location in Verona might be willing to do so on an individual basis. I have several friends who own growlers wanting to get access to “filling stations” and would want to know if your Verona location could accommodate.

    Is this a possibility?

    • Actually, growlers can only be filled at retail locations. Sorry!!!!

      • The Starr Hill web site does not give local retail locations. Could you tell me what locations there might be local to the Harrisonburg area which would accommodate a growler fill? I asked at New York Flying Pizza in Bridgewater and they said it was illegal for them to fill a growler.

      • Honestly, I really don’t know either. Without the proper license, it is illegal to service growlers. I would just try to keep asking around at you local retailers and hopefully you can find someone with that license. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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