• Virginia Eagle Brew Review

  • Available throughout VA January 2012

  • Pyrate Style Begian Tripel Ale

  • Shocking NEW IPA

  • Kona Brewing - Koko Brown Ale

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Our Team

Management Team  

Kenny Wheeler



Scott Heinz

Chief Operating Officer  


Scott Wawner

Vice President, Sales  



Essential Personnel

Rusty Nicholson Steve Harty
Sales Director – On-Premise (Winchester/NOVA) Key Account Manager                   (Grocery)
540.247.3138 540.718.5944
rnicholson@vaeagle.com sharty@vaeagle.com
Eddie Lawhorne Rod Shifflett
Sales Director – On-Premise (Charlottesville/Valley) Key Account Manager                    (Convenience)
434.964.7876 540.829.3239
elawhorne@vaeagle.com rshifflett@vaeagle.com
Cameron Pritt Brad Theado
Sales Director – Valley Director, Operations
540.448.0220 540.717.2913
cpritt@vaeagle.com btheado@vaeagle.com
Keith Clark Randy Carter
Sales Director – Charlottesville Non Alcoholic Manager
434.962.9923 434.296.5531
kclark@vaeagle.com rcarter@vaeagle.com
Bruce Clevenger Litsa Lambrinos
Sales Director – Winchester Sales Execution Manager
540.247.2000 434.962.9926
bclevenger@vaeagle.com llambrinos@vaeagle.com
Donnie Cochran Laura Frappollo
Sales Director – NOVA Human Resources Rep
540.247.3439 540.664.5334
dcochran@vaeagle.com lfrappollo@vaeagle.com
Weldon Garris Sherry Marshall
Business Development Manager Office Manager
540.248.8131 540.248.8131
wgarris@vaeagle.com smarshall@vaeagle.com
Chris Mills  
Retail Development Manager  

Along with over 150 additional dedicated, service oriented professionals that support our retailers and our consumers from the front line.  We couldn’t be successful without our excellent staff of drivers, salespeople, service managers, warehouse personnel and team leaders.


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